Shirley Temple Died: brush with fame


I was so saddened to hear of Shirley Temple’s death this week. I LOVED her movies as a kid.

I remember watching films like Heidi and The Little Princess and wanting to name my dolls after her characters. Thinking one day I would name my baby that. (Didn’t happen,lol.)

She was one of those truly sweet characters, full of smiles.

And from the sounds of it she had a long and full life, filled with family and supporting causes she was close too.

I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but I met her once, about 15 years ago.

In my early 20s, I worked at Pecan Park flea market helping my 70+ year old friend sell tshirts and dresses. It was a good job, I loved printing shirts and keeping all the stock organized. And my boss was a sweet lady.

I guess I must have been working the booth by myself one day when an older woman came up and wanted to buy a sundress. When she went to pay she realized she left her checkbook in the car and asked if I would hold the dress for her.

I remember her looking me in the eye and saying, “My name is Shirley Temple Black.”

I didn’t comment or make a face or anything. In the back of my head, all I could think was “this couldn’t be her.” Plus, I didn’t know she was married and her last name was Black. I figured this woman was just trying to be cute.

At the time, internet was still relatively new and I didn’t have it on my phone. But I figured the real Shirley Temple was probably dead as I hadn’t heard anything about her in the news or anything.

She came back paid by check and left.

That night I googled the name and sure enough— Shirley Temple Black was her name and the person was a match. I couldn’t believe it.

I didn’t want to embarrass her or myself at the time and ask her if she was HER. But she was. When she said her name she probably figured I was too young to even know who she was.

I wish I would have asked her.

I’ve met quite a few celebrities, and I must say very few have had the class that Shirley Temple did. The child starts today are a sad reflection of our society.

Goodby, or as your momma used to say: “Sparkle, Shirley, sparkle!”


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