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About Christy Whitehead Photography

I have a degree in Journalism and I hate writing about myself. I think we all feel that way, right? LOL.

My Family, Me & The Studio Life

I live on the deep Westside of Jacksonville on four acres (my inlaws live next door). You never know what animals we might have on any given day, from chickens and rabbits to poofy headed ducks. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have one daughter together, Spencer Amelia and a son, Alexander Chase.

I do this full time. I love it. I have a huge 2400 SF office and studio space off of Chaffee & 10. I’m there most days, photographing clients, shooting product photos or designing a logo. I love that every day is different. I love being my own boss.

Many people also see my assistants and second shooters on wedding days. I have an awesome staff I call on to help me.

The Fun Stuff

I’ve fallen off a cliff in a foreign country.
Held a sea turtle and a stingray, but not at the same time.
I have driven a police car, although I’ve never been a cop, : > And no, I’ve never been arrested or wanted, lol!
While in a Puerto Rican hospital, I was made fun of for being so white. I am a true white girl.
I’ve been chased by alligators.
I often get my Italian and my Spanish words confused.
I drive a Prius, use cloth shopping bags (when I remember to bring them!) and cloth diapered my daughter and also use eco friendly disposeables.
Every pregnant mom I know, I recommend they watch, The Business of Being Born, with Ricky Lake. Totally saved me from a C-section!

The Boring Stuff
I received a BS from UNF and worked freelance for newspapers and magazines doing writing and photography for many years. I soon started getting more and more requests for photography. Which is where Christy Whitehead Photography comes in. My original business name was Freelance 4 Hire, because of the freelance work I did. But I kept getting calls from people wanting to know if I was hiring so I changed the company name.

I have also worked for a public relations and advertising firm doing public relations for several companies and helping them figure out what markets to advertise in.

My style is very laid back. I don’t like to be bossy with my couples. There are some photogs that are that way, that’s not me. I can take control of a group, but I need you to be comfortable with me. I like to get the traditional family photos (you never know if you’ll have all those family members in a room again!) but I also like to use my photojournalism experience to get people having fun, being themselves, showing true emotion. That’s what it is all about.



Christy Whitehead is a family, newborn and wedding photographer based in Jacksonville, Florida.





Katie -

Hi Christy,

I’m looking for a wedding photographer and I’m interested in you. Are you available on April 12, 2014? If so, can you please send me some pricing and package information?

Thank you,

Christy Whitehead -

Hi Katie, You’ll have to excuse my late reply, we get so many spam comments I don’t always see the good ones! I do have your date available. I’ll try and email you.

Vicki Ramey Curry -

Thank you a year and half later!!!! My wonderful son, Joshua Lowell and his beautiful wife, Ashley LOWELL!! (woo hoo! she’s OUR girl now!!) used you to photograph their wedding and recently the birth of their precious baby girl– Rain Elizabeth LOWELL( woo hoo!! got OUR girl jr now!!)! I wanted to thank you for capturing all these beautiful moments in life for us to enjoy forever!! My son is very, very special to me and miss him terribly at times!! I live in Thorsby, Alabama — some 9 hours away! Your photos have gotten me through a lot of lonely times!! You managed to capture in pictures all the things that make that boy of mine so very special. You have given me a way to get to know my daughter in law through the moments you caught on film!! Rarely do I feel emotional when I look at photos of times past but tears flow each and every time I see any pictures of my son and his precious wife, Ashley and now his baby girl Rain Elizabeth!! Thank you from the bottom of this Mommas heart!! Vicki Curry -

I JUST saw your comment. How sweet. Thank you! They are a sweet couple! You are truly blessed.