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I have known Jessica for quite a few years now. She was a client, turned intern, turned friend who helped me out occasionally (babysitting, running errands, etc.)

She has always wanted to be a mommy and had a couple of miscarriages and issues and just never had one come full term, until this last year.

Jessica was due May 1st and she emailed me about taking photos. She wanted a belly session (SPECIFICALLY with a silhouette), birth center birthing photos and then a newborn session of course. I don’t normally do birth photos, but agreed for her.

She started helping out around the studio to build up a credit so she could use that to buy whatever she wanted from her sessions.

She wasn’t due until May 1st, so we were going to do her maternity at the blueberry fields and maybe the beach on the 14th. So she left the studio on the 7th and we had a plan. That weekend, she started having high blood pressure issues and was admitted to Shands.

I had had both a hospital birth with my daughter and a birthing center birth with my son and she fell in love with the birthing center idea and booked the Birth Center of Jacksonville.

She didn’t get her water birth, nor her birth center birth, but Beth and Linda, her doulas showed up and stuck it out with her the whole time. Helping her to keep calm and relax.

I new that Jessica planned for this to be her only pregnancy and really wanted that silhouette shot, so I went to the hospital and did the best I could since she wasn’t allowed to get up because of the induction medicines.



It may not be perfect. It may not be dreamy and on the beach or in a field as we planned, but it is HER birth story. It tells their story. And for that, I’m happy I was able to run out there and grab it.


Some photos aren’t extremely flattering, but it’s birth, it’s stress, it’s hormones, it’s drugs, it is what it is, and all the emotions and non brushed hair that goes with it.


And here’s her boyfriend in the corner, on his phone. You can see a bit of her bed in the corner of the photo.


All the machines.

PINIMAGE PINIMAGEThe doulas did meditations with her and tried to keep her relaxed. I love doulas, they advocate for YOU in your time of need and help you keep comfortable.

Jessica says: They took my unexpected circumstance and made it as comfortable and close to a birth center experience as possible. They helped me relax and breathe through it. They were beautiful.”


Lelon Eugene was born about 3 weeks early via Csection, at a whole 3lbs 5oz on April 11th at 10:06pm. He’s still in the hospital, but momma and baby boy are getting as much snuggles as they can, as evidenced by this photo Jessica posted to Facebook:


Thank you for letting me be a part of your birth story Jessica, even if it wasn’t exactly how you planned it! Can’t wait for the newborn photos!

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“Winter blues should only refer to the color of the ocean” -author unknown.

Living in a beach city I sometimes take for granted the beauty that is the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I hate swimming in the ocean, it’s just too sticky and murky for me. But family portraits paired with the setting sun on the beach — magic!



This little dark headed beauty is my daughter Spencer and she is usually my go to to test out new locations, backdrops and outfits. She LOVES these dresses that I keep in my studio for clients to use by Dollcake.


It may be winter in Florida, but it’s PERFECT beach weather!

Email me at to set up your own session, we do these at very limited days & times during the week.

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There used to be a time when families had their portraits painted. They bought very formal clothing and sat for the images for hours.

Not many parents do that anymore as it can be very cost prohibitive, not to mention there aren’t that many artists out there any more that specialize in this. Plus, I don’t know about you but my kids would never sit that long!

I have started offering a specialty service with each session. I love the idea of something special and unique. But I also love photographic portraits. I started toying with the idea of making the images look like a painting or sketched in colored pencil, but keeping the skin/people realistic. It’s almost like they are part of a dream or imaginary world.

Here are some examples of the ones we’ve done recently:


The mermaid image makes me feel like she fell asleep and was dreaming about this imaginary world and she’s slowly becoming a part of it.


With the sisters, I felt like having their skin “painted” as well lost a lot of the image and the emotion. But I like how it now looks even more timeless.


I had a hard time deciding how to do the police officer and his wife. I ended up not painting their skin, but leaving their dress painted.


Wouldn’t this colored pencil image look adorable in this little girl’s room?!


This was a photograph that was taken at The Keeler Property at a recent wedding. I went really heavy with the painting look but left the couple normal.

I have an image from my wedding that is blown up into 36×48″ on metal in my living room that I did a little bit of an art effect. It’s funny, people are always amazed that it’s a metal print and it takes them a minute to realize it’s from our wedding. I like that it’s a custom art piece.


If you’re going to do a Harry Potter theme, might as well make it extra dreamy!

These images are best printed on canvas, metals or acrylic in large sizes to truly appreciate.

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I have two children and with both of them I had a baby shower to help get everything I needed for my littles and let my family and friends show their love for them as well. One of my best friend’s Lea recently became approved to be a foster mom and she’s been collecting all these toys and clothes from everyone she knows. And it dawned on me, why can’t she have a baby shower too? Her friends and family love her and want to share in this moment and help her and her husband create as prepared a home as they can.

Foster kids arrive at the foster homes typically in the middle of the night night with no clothes, diapers, toys or anything. So the foster parents must quickly get everything together so these kids can try to function normally.

On Beach Blvd, there’s a non profit called Foster Closet that takes in gently used and new items to help the foster parents since 2009. They are in constant need of items and are a great resource for foster parents. But it’s also helpful for parents to have items on hand. Especially when some live all the way across town and making it to the Beach may not be possible in a timely manner.




Last year there were 1,500 kids in foster care in Northeast Florida and only 300 foster families.

Kids without homes have always held a soft spot in my heart and I have done photoshoots for many of them over the last couple of years in hopes of helping them find new homes.

And right now, to help support Lea as well as Foster Closet, we are doing a drive for donations (clothes can’t have stains) either through items children of all ages need, or gift cards.

Items may be dropped off at:

Christy Whitehead Photography

514 Chaffee Point Blvd #9

Jacksonville, Fl 32221

I’m located right off of I-10, 10 minutes from downtown, in the same parking lot as Cracker Barrel. Please call to make sure I’m in the office before you come by! 904-891-0359.

Or if you live closer to the Beach, give directly to Foster Closet: 8307 Beach Blvd / Jacksonville, FL 32216 / (904) 629-2116

They also need furniture (please bring directly to Foster Closet) like dinettes, for teenage foster kids who are leaving the system and trying to set up homes.

We created a Facebook Event page for our drive. You can find it here.

Information on becoming a foster parent.

Have your church group help!

If you work with foster children, my studio provides free updated photos to foster kids seeking adoption. Please contact me to schedule an appointment. (If you are adopting a foster child, please contact me for special package options.)

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Quick Tips for Photographing Your Kids

How to take great photos of your children.

A parent can never take enough photos of their children but sometimes it can be difficult to get a really great shot. Below are a few quick tips that you can apply the next time you take your camera out to capture a moment with your kids.

  1. Try and stay away from asking your kids to pose. Instead, be around to capture the emotions they display in a moment. If you’re patient enough and simply enjoy the time with your children, you’ll find it much easier to capture the essence of it.
  2. Get down to their level, if you’re photographing very small children try and get down to their level to photograph them. This angle gives you a more interesting background too.
  3. Have a conversation with them. Having a conversation with your child about their favorite superhero or their best friend at school will make for lovely facial expressions. You could even have them sing along to their favorite songs for extra fun photos.
  4. Your smartphone is the perfect tool for capturing candid moments. Your children are probably very used to seeing you with your smartphone so won’t think anything of you keeping it close by. Have it ready when you’re out and about with them. You never know when they might give you the perfect shot.
  5. Use unique locations to your advantage. If you have planned a walk in the woods or a day at the beach, take advantage of your unique surroundings to capture some great pictures.
  6. Avoid midday sunlight. Lighting makes a big difference in photos so aim for early morning or evening light for outdoor shots and open windows and doors for indoor shots.

Sometimes the best camera for photos is the one you have on you! Those moments go by to fast.

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