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Law Enforcement Appreciation Photo Shoots

My heart breaks today. It’s been a rough few weeks in the news on so many accounts. Martin Luther King Jr. would be horrified if he were alive today, for both sides of the issue. He didn’t agree with violence and preached that to defeat hate you needed to show love. One of the ways I want to show love is through my law enforcement appreciation photo shoots.

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I am also saddened for those that are killed unjustly at police hands. You can’t fight hate with hate, and the shootings yesterday of innocent officers who were protecting protesters was uncalled for and horrible. There were photos of officers shielding those same protesters to try and keep them safe as gun fire rang out. That’s not hate. Their will always be a few bad apples but we have to appreciate the good ones. Let’s all take a moment to say thank you. THANK you to those officers who wake up every morning and honestly do their job for the love of it and want to make a difference.

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I can’t imagine the number of police officers’ families waking up this morning and not happy about their spouse going to work or worrying sick for them. And then, there was at least one more shooting of a cop today, possibly a second. I have to wonder how many officers are thinking about giving up. How many spouses and children cried when their officer went to work today and every day. I have to wonder how many officers are sitting in their police cars right now, feeling like his/her car is a target. As many of my clients know, my father is a retired police officer from Texas. My uncle was an officer in Texas and now he’s in Mo. His son is also paroling the streets. My uncle admitted for the first time in 11 years of marriage, his wife asked if maybe he would consider a new career today.

Travis County Sheriffs OfficePINIMAGE(Me on my first police patrol, aprx. 20 years ago in Travis County Texas with my father.)

Last year I did a police officer appreciation month where I took photos of officers and their families. If something were to happen, I WANT every LEO family to have at least one good photo, one moment that isn’t on a cell phone. We are all busy with our lives and as adults we complain we’re too fat, etc. and the time goes by and the kids move away and things happen. No matter how much I wish they didn’t. And with yesterdays shootings in Dallas, I feel the need to do it again. Do NOT wait. At the very least, do it for your kids, for your parents, for those that love you. Hopefully, you will never be a name in the news, hopefully, this will be an excuse for you to have a nice portrait with your family that you may not have gotten otherwise.


Law Enforcement Appreciation Photo Shoots

If you are a law enforcement officer, I will be providing complimentary sessions and $50 in print credit (or a digital file of the officer) to each family. ID required for verification. Please put LEO in the subject line.

Please email me at to reserve your spot. LIMITED TIME.

As for me and my family, we will be out tomorrow, showing our neighborhood officers that we appreciate them. I hope that YOU, will also go out and tell an officer thank you, or that you appreciate them coming to work despite the crazy world we live in.

And because, when things are rough, looking up quotes from smarter people then myself can be reassuring, some food for thought.

quotes about peace on earth by martin luther king jr Law Enforcement Appreciation PINIMAGE quotes about hate by maya angelou Law Enforcement Appreciation PINIMAGE mlk returning hate for hate quote PINIMAGE

This one was especially helpful and comforting to me after the Pulse shooting:

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