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Creating a logo can be very personal. Some companies do 1-3 mockups and if you don’t like it too bad. Or they just draw it out in front of you while you’re on a skype meeting. I don’t do that. After you book a logo package, I send you a questionnaire that asks about your style, what you like and don’t like. I want to know what logos you are drawn too, even if they aren’t in your field.  Words like “classic” aren’t good enough, what does classic mean to you?

Below is a before and after from American Memories Photography:


Jackie had come to me and said she wasn’t sure about her logo. I expressed to her that the colors were a little too cartoonish. And the camera was a little odd and can be overdone in the photography logos and she needed something to make her stand out. She is ex military and caters to military families. She kind of liked the idea of keeping a heart but somehow showing her military side. She needed to appeal to women especially.

I take all that info and I do a mockup, typically of 6-8 logos. Usually these are a combination of pieces I’ve pulled together from what you the client have told me and maybe a couple of logos with a fresh perspective, maybe an idea that came to me that I thought might be perfect for you.

Below is what American Memories Photography’s first round of logos looked like:

American Memories 1PINIMAGE

I liked the logo Jackie chose. I also liked #6, as it mimicked a dog tag.

Jackie was a fairly easy client and immediately fell in love with #4. For most clients, they see certain logos they love, certain ones they hate. We communicate by email, with them telling me what parts they like and hate and going on to a second stage where we combine those things. Usually there’s a font change, color change, etc.

My logo packages typically include digital “paper” which is great for the branding process. Once the logo is done, I talk to you about the styles you like and I create a couple of papers in your color scheme for you to use on your website, business cards, brochures, etc. It makes everything look very cohesive. And if you stick to 2-3 then you get some variety, but you still have some standardization amongst your marketing pieces.

Below is the florist Blossom’s & Accent’s final logo with her digital papers, colors and fonts laid out:

Blossoms total Logo MockupPINIMAGE

Here is what a recent rack card I designed for her looked like. See how it incorporates the dots on the front? Her website also uses those dots.

Blossoms rack card LRPINIMAGE

If you’d like a logo done, please contact me at Logos are typically $199, unless you want several variations. Logos include high resolution and low resolution versions for web and print. I also provide you the design file (typically Adobe Illustrator) to keep for backup purposes and in case you ever need it (if you were getting a sign done or something they may need to alter the logo a little).